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Trees Can Impact On Everyday Life

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Tree Crown Reduction

Even though many people love looking at trees, thinking that they add a great deal to the local environment, not everyone feels the same. There are times when people’s view is blocked by trees or trees cause an inconvenient route for people to take. It is important to remember that not everyone is enamoured with trees but even then, there is a need to ensure that people act in the right manner when it comes to dealing with trees.

There have been many stories of tree surgeons and landowners acting unlawfully to chop down trees, only to be then punished for their actions. Therefore, there is a need for people to go through proper channels when it comes to removing trees. It is also why tree surgeons are required to know the local regulations with respect to what can be done with trees.

Tree surgeons want to preserve healthy trees

Most tree surgeons will look to preserve healthy trees as best as they can. Even if there are issues with respect to the health of the tree, the first action is to repair or remove the infected or troubling part and leave the rest of the tree intact. This isn’t always possible, but it should be the first thing that a tree surgeon looks to achieve when they review a tree.

There will be some people who look to remove a tree for aesthetic reasons as opposed to health or safety reasons. A story from Stroud has recently received public attention because elderly residents of an independent senior living complex have had their view blocked by a silver birch tree.

Some residents have growing concerns over the trees

One resident has complained to the local council about the tree blocking light from flooding into the window and spoiling their view. This woman spoke to local press about the situation, saying; “I don’t see why we should have to put up with it. I can’t get out there and do anything. It’s such a big tree, in a few years it will be touching my window. I don’t want it cut down but I want some light in my flat. I am sure people would not like to sit in my chair and look at a tree all day long.”

The complainant has also stated that when she leaves her window open, wind often blows seeds into her property which she has likened to the effect of snow. The person has also claimed that other neighbours are concerned about the development of the tree.

The council have acknowledged that a complaint has been raised with them and a spokesperson for Stroud District Council said; “We’ve instructed a tree surgeon to examine the tree with a view to cutting it back.”

While there are many reasons to pare back trees, a few residents being unhappy with the presence of trees may not be enough. The tree surgeon will have to appraise the quality and condition of the tree while deciding if its growth will place people or local buildings at risk.

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