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Tree Surgeons Taking A Bad Rap In Some Areas

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Tree Crown Reduction

No matter what industry you think of, it is likely that the actions of a few people or companies will colour your thoughts of that entire industry or professionals. While some professionals will think that this doesn’t impact on them or that it allows them to be a better provider than some of the companies on offer, there is a need to be aware of the negative impact it can have on the whole profession. You only must look at the way that professions like builders, plumbers, traffic wardens and lawyers are usually referred to by the workers at the lower end as opposed to those who offer a high standard of service.

There are many high-quality tree surgeons operating these days but the actions of one or two can cause huge problems for even the best professionals. Therefore, stories emanating from Potters Bar will have caused some tree surgeons a few worrying moments and maybe even a sleepless night or two. It appears that a tree surgeon has been criticised for an aggressive approach to promoting his services. In fact, the list of reasons people have for criticising the tree surgeon have been listed as:

  • Not taking no for an answer

  • Being unpleasant in dealings with the public

  • Being rude when dealing with the public

  • Blocking the road with his vehicle

These are all negative issues that impact on people. One resident contacted local media to complain about the professional. The homeowner has a “no cold callers” sign on their door but this did not deter the tree surgeon who even remained outside the door after they had been told to move on by homeowner.

Some residents have complained about an aggressive level of service

Another resident has said that the tree surgeon climbed over a hedge to engage her in discussion and debate about his attitude. It is no surprise to learn that the police have received complaints about the professional. A police spokesperson confirmed there had been a number of complaints and a statement has been released saying; “We had a call yesterday (Tuesday April 17) at around 6pm from a resident in The Walk, Potters Bar. A man offering tree services knocked and was quite intimidating and wouldn’t leave. He did eventually go and police were then called.”

This is the sort of behaviour that helps to form a negative impression. The clear majority of tree surgeons operate in an effective manner. In the modern day, it can be difficult to promote a company or offer services to customers, but there are guidelines on what is and what isn’t acceptable. The behaviour discussed by people and the police is clearly not in keeping with regulatory guidelines that any tree surgeon would adhere to.

It is a shame that there are some people who act in this manner, and of course, there is nothing to say that the person is a qualified tree surgeon, they could be a scammer. With spring finally here, people want to improve their garden and tree surgeons will be in high demand. This is the ideal time for scammers to try and make some money but hopefully there won’t be too much of an impact on professionals who work diligently.

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