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Tree Surgeons provide important service after high winds

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Emergency Tree Service

The recent storms and bad weather have impacted on many people and property in the United Kingdom. High winds can cause significant changes and storm damage can cause havoc on trees. It is common to see storms leading to the removal of trees. There have been many local news stories focusing on storm damage with trees having to be felled to allow safe passage or ensure people or property aren’t at risk.

When trees are damaged or pose a risk, there is a need for swift action. This problem sometimes leads to a quick response, which can often result in wrong decisions. Sadly, many trees that have suffered a minimal level of damage are removed due to this level of damage. Personal safety and minimising the risk of personal injury or property damage is crucial, and trees are not always a priority.

Solutions can be found even after storm damage

However, there isn’t always a need to remove trees and find a solution in tree removal work or crown restoration work. If an evaluation can be made quickly on a storm-damaged tree, remedial action may be possible, and this can make a massive difference.

Pruning will often have a positive impact on trees, minimising the risk of failure but retaining integrity in the tree’s structure. Concerning crown restoration, this is vital in returning the tree’s crown to a balanced state. This work will aid the tree to recover and develop, encouraging new growth. There is no denying that tree surgeons are in tremendous demand after a spell of bad weather. Many people are hugely concerned as to the impact of stormy weather on their property, but many trees are tremendously robust. However, calling in a skilled and experienced professional can make a big difference when it comes to maintaining the condition and style of a tree.

Crown restoration makes a difference

Some of the positive reasons to opt for crown restoration include: • Reducing or removing damaged branches • Removing hangers or other risks and hazards • Cutting branches that have been exposed • Restoring balance to the crown of the tree

When wind damages a tree, it often leads to the exposure of branches. In pruning the tree to restore the crown to excellent condition, a tree can be salvaged and even strengthened. There is a fear that a damaged tree may not provide a problem now but may cause problems in the future. It is always best for property owners to be proactive when it comes to caring for their house and people in or around their property.

After high winds and heavy storms, it is essential that homeowners are proactive when it comes to their garden. Calling on a skilled and qualified tree surgeon is a smart move at this time, and any work carried out by an expert will minimise the likelihood of any issues arising in the future.

At South East Tree Surgeons, we aim to provide you with confidence in your trees. Anyone looking for guidance and support in this area should contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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