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Tree Surgeons can connect with local businesses

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

South East Tree Surgeons

There is a lot to be said for businesses working together to make life easier and more productive for each other. There are probably many industries which can work together for the greater good without causing any inconvenience, but it can be difficult to bring people from different professions together. Of course, with the internet and social media, it has never been easier to connect with relevant businesses, and a new tool should help tree surgeons provide farmers with a boost. There is an online tree surgery forum that is offering farmers the chance to enjoy free firewood grade timber and woodchip. This work can benefit others This is material that would often be wasted after a tree surgeon has carried out their activities, so knowing that the material can be put to effective use is of tremendous benefit and interest to many. There is a growing desire to minimise waste wherever possible, and this collaborative approach can make a difference in operating more efficiently and effectively. Connecting on the forum and through the new tool allows participants the chance to provide their yard as a venue where tree surgeons can dump unwanted timber. This is convenient for the tree surgeon because these venues may be more convenient to drop off timber rather than taking it back to their premises or finding another location where the wood can be dropped off. Woodchip and cordwood timber is accepted, and this will come down to the work that the tree surgeon has been carrying out in the area. As you would expect in the latter months of the year, many tree surgeons also use leafy material, and this can also be dropped off. This is a flexible system Signing up doesn’t mean the farmer has to commit to collect the material. This means if there is no need for the material a farmer isn’t obliged to take it, but most farmers will find a use for this material, especially as it is being provided at no cost to them. As of early December, more than 800 sites have been registered, but there is hope that many more sites will set up. There is an opportunity to set up as a free site or as a site that charges for the service, but it is understandable that the sites which are free are those in higher demand. For people running the site, the challenge is how they can monetise this service without driving people away. If the service on offer is of a good standard, it is likely that professionals will be happy to spend money in other ways or use other services. This means that there is an opportunity to make money out of an initially free service while everyone can remain positive about the work that is being done. If tree surgeons can lighten their workload while making life easier and more affordable for others, it is likely that many would take it. This scheme is a fantastic example of how tree surgeons can better connect with other businesses in a local area, which could lead to further growth and development.

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