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Tree Replacement Service Will Lift Community Spirits

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Tree Planting

Although cutting down trees is a major part of the job for tree surgeons, it is a role that many within the sector are not happy with. You will find that most tree surgeons will do what they can to preserve a tree and make sure that it remains in place. This may see a tree surgeon pruning a tree or removing some limbs but there will be times when there is no other option but to remove a tree from a property or premises. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a tree surgeon must be happy about the process, but it is an action they must take.

However, one tree surgeon in Reigate has decided that he didn’t like the feeling that comes with cutting trees down. This has led Jake Shepherd to give something back to nature and in the middle of April, he made an application to the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council. This move will allow Shepherd to plant trees in the green spaces and parks of the town.

School pupils have helped in the process

The first tree was planted on the 24th of April and pupils from Reigate Priory School, the same school that Shepherd attended as a child, helped. The overall aim is for the tree surgeon to replace every tree that he has cut down and he is doing this out of his own pocket. This is something that will likely catch the eye, and it is good to see a professional being proactive in caring for the environment, not just his own wallet or bank account.

Big plans for future tree growth in Reigate

Jake spoke to local press, saying; “I know the environment and that aspect of life is quite pressing at the moment and it concerns a lot of people, so I want to create something that’s going to be sustainable. For every tree I take out that’s over 30cm at chest height, I’m going to plant a tree in the local area to that tree within the green spaces of Reigate.”

This is exactly the sort of act that inspires others and it may be that other people in the local area will follow suit or do something similar. It can only be a positive thing to have people caring about their town so much and when it comes to creating a great atmosphere and environment, showing some local pride is a brilliant way to improve matters.

It would be fair to say that many tree surgeons have a healthy respect for their local area and the environment. This is a job where having an attachment to nature is likely to be of benefit, and you can see why many tree surgeons are inspired to act in a way that gives something back.

There is also the added financial incentive for the tree surgeon to keep trees in position as opposed to tearing them down but if trees have to be removed, it is likely that some good will come of it.

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