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Safety procedure for Tree Surgeon

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Tree Surgeon Safety

Do you think being a tree surgeon is an easy job? If your answer is yes, then perhaps you have to think twice as tree surgeon job is not a child’s play. It is a very risky job in which one has to be cautious in every step. In my blog today I am going to discuss about role of tree surgeon along with the safety procedures related to this job. So, let’s know what tree surgeon is.

Tree surgeon in other name arboriculture’s is a unique profession which allows the total care of a tree i.e. one has to cultivate, manage and study trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennialwoody plants in dendrology and horticulture. In simple way tree surgeon is a person whose job is to takecare of trees and make sure that they are healthy and safe, for example by cutting off branches that are damaged. Though the job is interesting but sometimes it can be very dangerous. Now these days, we have heard so many news about the accidents of tree surgeon includingsome of them are very fatal.

As an example in 2016, a 36 year old tree surgeon died in U.K fell to his death when branches he was working on became tangled with his rope and pulled him to the ground. So that is why safety precautions are main priority in my blog.

Safety Precautions

Many tree surgeons are climbing trees comes so naturally, that they don’t feel unsafe while doing their job. This kind point of view must be changed. You have to be cautious every time while working nomatter how experienced you are.

  1. Safety of your property

Recently a technique is used, called rigging to slowly lower down branches that are too large and risky to let fall by themselves. This is done with precision and a lot of attention, in order to avoid property damage and the harming of other plants. When removing a tree or branch is risky due to the closeness of buildings or trees you should take the planning process very seriously and engage in a discussion with your clients to come to the best solution.

  1. Safety of people around the site

Experts always advise the owners to avoid using areas that could potentially be at risk while the tree surgeon works. However, one person should be on the ground as he is the secondary eyes and ears of the tree surgeon. The ground man provides the tree surgeon with advice and tools, but he also warns any unaware people passing by. His job is very important for the safety of the work, as he also clears fallen limbs as well as foliage thereby ensuring that the ropes are not tangled.

  1. Safety for tree surgeon

The powerful machines must be used to prune, trim and remove trees as well as smaller plants. Prolonged exposure to the sound at such proximity can damage the eardrums, which is why ear protection is highly advised. You can also use independent ear muffs as well as those that are attached to our helmets. The helmets are very important in case any branches fall and they need to be worn by team members that are up in the tree as well as by those that are working on the ground. Eye protection is needed to keep the eyes safe from debris andwood chips that areexpelled during pruning. Gloves are essential for better grip, to avoid rope burns and being cut by pieces of wood or thorns. A solid set of steel toe boots are very important to get a firm grip of the ground or branches, this will avoid accidents caused by slipping and will of course protect your feet.

At last I request every tree surgeon to read my blog carefully and try to apply the safety tips in his working and to keep away from any kind of accident.

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