Cabling and bracing systems

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Cabling and bracing

Cabling and bracing provides structural support for trees preventing weakness and often prolonging the existence of a damaged tree that is not yet at the end of it’s useful life. Cabling and bracing may also be required to mitigate possible hazards or damage perhaps caused by wind or neglect.

Our Tree Surgeons install flexible cables or braces (rods) in specific places to increase overall strength. Cables are installed high in the tree, at least 2/3 the distance from the defect to the crown rods are installed much lower, just above and/or below the defect.

Bracing and Physics

Common regulations and specifications require installing bracing systems in the upper third of the crown. This is necessary due to the fact that in this region the highest wind forces occur. Bracing close to the point where the forces occur requires less breaking strength.

Tree Surgery

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