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Tree Replacement Service Will Lift Community Spirits

Although cutting down trees is a major part of the job for tree surgeons, it is a role that many within the sector are not happy with. You will find that most tree surgeons will do what they can to preserve a tree and make sure that it remains in place. This may see a tree surgeon pruning a tree or removing some limbs but there will be times when there is no other option but to remove a tree from a property or premises. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a tree surgeon must be happy about the process, but it is an action they must take.

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Tree Surgeons Taking A Bad Rap In Some Areas

No matter what industry you think of, it is likely that the actions of a few people or companies will colour your thoughts of that entire industry or professionals. While some professionals will think that this doesn’t impact on them or that it allows them to be a better provider than some of the companies on offer, there is a need to be aware of the negative impact it can have on the whole profession. You only must look at the way that professions like builders, plumbers, traffic wardens and lawyers are usually referred to by the workers at the lower end as opposed to those who offer a high standard of service.

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Tree Surgeon Brings The Cat Down

The word hero may be overused these days but for many people, anyone that puts themselves at risk of injury or goes the extra mile to ensure that animals are well looked after is worthy of praise and positive attention. This is the story surrounding a tree surgeon in Portadown who ensured that a cat was rescued after it had been stuck in a tree in People’s Park for a number of days. There are many reasons why cats bound up trees with great glee and excitement but there are also numerous reasons as to why a cat will get up there and then find themselves unable to get back down.

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Tree Surgeons Have Difficult Roles

When it comes to working as a tree surgeon, there are many known dangers and risks associated with the job. Professionals often must work at great heights and the equipment can be dangerous if it is not used correctly. In this regard, being a tree surgeon is not a job for the faint-hearted, but there are other issues and problems that can make the job more difficult than it would seem.

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Excessive Work Sees Tree Surgeon Fined

If you are a tree surgeon or you have an interest in the industry, you know the importance of Tree Preservation Orders, or TPOs. However, it appears many professionals in the industry don’t pay attention to these orders or decide against following correct procedure. This can be seen in the continual fines and penalties imposed on tree surgeons who carry out work that is opposed by a TPO.

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