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Tree Surgeon Hospitalised After Rescuing Cat

We all know that being a tree surgeon is a dangerous job. If you don’t have a head for heights, this isn’t the sort of work you should consider and there is a lot of powerful equipment. If you are not competent or confident in working with the high-powered saws or cutting devices associated with the job, it probably isn’t a role for you. That is okay, being a tree surgeon isn’t a job that is cut out for everyone, but it is vital that people are aware of the issues that can arise with the role.

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Tree Surgeons Punished For Unlawful Activity

Tree surgeons are fully aware that there is a need for permission to work on some trees and that many trees carry a protected status. It is imperative that tree surgeons carry out research on what work they can do in certain areas before they begin but for a multitude of reasons, many tree surgeons decide against this action. However, this has led to many professionals being caught out and a story from Windsor reiterates how important it is that tree surgeons follow the letter of the law when cutting down trees.

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Trees Can Impact On Everyday Life

Even though many people love looking at trees, thinking that they add a great deal to the local environment, not everyone feels the same. There are times when people’s view is blocked by trees or trees cause an inconvenient route for people to take. It is important to remember that not everyone is enamoured with trees but even then, there is a need to ensure that people act in the right manner when it comes to dealing with trees.

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Removal Of Tree Leaves Woman Angry And Upset

There is no denying that a great looking tree can brighten people’s moods and help people to feel cheerier about life. We can become used to certain things around our home and when these are removed, it can feel like a loss. This is the case for one woman in South Harrow who has been complaining about the removal of a tree from outside her home.

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Tree Surgeon Fined After Tree Crashes On Parked Car

While there are many different parts of the job when you are a tree surgeon, there are some basic facts and matters that you need to remember. You should always have safety as the number one factor to consider, and this was not the case in Cornwall last year. In fact, it was very fortunate that no one was hurt in the incident which dated back to March of 2017, but which has recently gone through the Courts.

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Tree Replacement Service Will Lift Community Spirits

Although cutting down trees is a major part of the job for tree surgeons, it is a role that many within the sector are not happy with. You will find that most tree surgeons will do what they can to preserve a tree and make sure that it remains in place. This may see a tree surgeon pruning a tree or removing some limbs but there will be times when there is no other option but to remove a tree from a property or premises. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a tree surgeon must be happy about the process, but it is an action they must take.

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